8 Useful Things To Know About Beautiful Ragdoll Cats

Are you considering getting a Ragdoll cat? Having a pet is one of the most adorable things in the life of human beings. 

The cat family is the primary source for most of the popular options for an animal that one would adopt as a pet. 

If you are looking forward to having a pet, a Ragdoll cat is worth your consideration for several reasons. 

They are big, with a lot of beauty and are friendly. They are playful, especially with the children, and have quick learning skills.

8 Top Things to Know About the Ragdoll


1. Best for Companion

If you feel lonely most of the time, a Ragdoll cat will help you do away with the boredom. The cat is lovely to hold and loves to sit on your laps. It loves to be near you, and will even sleep where you lay.

2. Beautiful eyes and shades

Ragdoll cats have blue eyes, which makes it cute. It also has a variety of fur colors, including seal brown, red, cream, and blue. 

Some have a tinge of tortoiseshell and others have a tabby marking. The color grows permanent as the cat grows old. 

3. They are quiet

If you love silence, Ragdoll cats are the brand that you should pick for a pet. I find them courteous as well as quite. As a result, they make a perfect match for pet lovers living in apartments.

With this trait, you must stay observant as the cat might not meow when it is under stress. That might make it hard for you to realise when it is in pain.

4. Ragdoll cats live long

A pet of your desire should have a long life span, and that ensures you have a friend who you share with your home history. You feel happy when you share stories of years spent with your pet for more than a decade.

5. Ragdoll cats love running waters

Ragdoll cats love almost all forms of water, but they seem to enjoy more of the running water. You will see the cat run close when you turn on water taps or the showers.

6. Ragdoll cats are big-bodied

Ragdoll cats have large bodies in comparison to an average cat. For the males, they weigh 12 to 20 pounds when in good health, while the females weigh between 8 to 15 pounds.

7. Ragdoll cats are excellent cats for indoors

If you need an indoor cat, Ragdoll cats will be your perfect option. With ragdolls, you should not have to worry that the cat may run out most of the time. 

Ragdoll has no interest in hunting. They are happy living around you and often prefer to remain indoors than going out.

8. Ragdoll cats have strong endurance to pain

You need a cat that has a strong immunity against diseases. Ragdoll breeds are resistant to diseases.

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