Dreamies Cat Treats with Chicken

Introducing the Dreamies Cat Treats with Chicken. Our Russian Blue cat loves the Dreamies cat treats especially the chicken flavor variety. 

Dreamies Cat Treats with Chicken

The other flavours include the cheese version of the treat, beef and salmon. These crunchy cat treats are great for when you are training your cat. 

For example, If your cat is out, stand at the back door, and shake the bag of Dreamies and see your cat come zooming in. 

If she goes someplace in the house and we can’t find her and wonder where she is, a bit of a shake and she comes running. 

She adores these treats and will do anything to get them. so we use them when we want to get her to come to us, or as a reward for doing something especially good. 

In any event, our cat loves these like a little treat morning and evening. From our experience, I can confirm that these are the only cat treats I have found that our cat enjoys. 

Our cat loves them and knows she is in for a treat whenever she sees me with the packet. Who was it that said that humans never own cats? How right they were, whoever it was 🙂 

Try having fun with this, for example, try placing 6-8 pieces of Dreamies Cat Treats with Chicken in your cat’s treat ball, this should keep your cat busy as it spends time getting them out. 

Also to save on waste (and money), consider sprinkling the treat on top of the food that your cat would no longer eat – and yes, it worked. 

Highly recommended but do not give the cats too many at a time. Overall I don’t think giving cats 8 small Dreamies a day, which most cats love, is bad for them if they are on a healthy diet. 

Dreamies are a fairly soft biscuit and are quite large. However, I do think 20 a day is a bit much.

The soft centre is also good for older cats who maybe have dental problems and can’t handle so much hard dry food but this is a little easier for them as a treat along with their wet food. 

The 8 pack is good value for money and it is cheaper to buy a pack of 8 than one by one. Really fast delivery on Amazon.

If your local convenience store or supermarket is running out of them all the time, you can get them on Amazon, so you no longer need to worry about running out and they are often cheaper too. 

If the Dreamies Cat Treats with Chicken are too expensive in your local shops, try the Amazon price. 

The Amazon service and speedy delivery of this item is normally first class. 

In my opinion, buying the Dreamies crunchy cat treats from Amazon is the cheapest way to buy them, as they often work out much dearer in most supermarkets and pet shops!

In summary, the Dreamies Cat Treats with Chicken makes lovely reward treats as distinct from food. Our cat loves Dreamies! This 8-pack is convenient, as is the price – much cheaper than most supermarkets. If you have Prime delivery so, better still. Highly recommended! 

I can find that Dreamies are the best cat treats ever for our cat!

Check out the cheapest price on Amazon here

Enjoy cat lovers, you’ll be their favourite human 🙂

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