How to Clean Your Cat’s Teeth

Do you know How to Clean Your Cat’s Teeth – As a cat owner, I have come to appreciate that just like humans, a cat’s teeth have to be cleaned to protect it. This skill is important, but it is not obvious to many people.

Two things come to mind when you think of cleaning a cat’s teeth. First, how are you going to keep it steady for long enough? 

Cats are sometimes very suspicious of your intentions especially when water is around, and you are holding something close to their face. 

The second concern is the products that are appropriate for use when cleaning their teeth.


The teeth of a cat should be brushed using special cat toothbrush. The brush should be sufficiently soft for their teeth. 

If the brush has hard bristles, it might lead to tooth sensitivity. In the absence of such a toothbrush, you can use a soft cloth.

A cat’s teeth should not be cleaned using human toothpaste. Cats do not enjoy the minty flavour. They detest it. 

The fluoride in your toothpaste is harmful to a cat’s health. Cat toothpaste has a chicken flavour which a cat is more likely to allow you to stick it into its mouth. 

They are also made up of ingredients that are fit for cat consumption.

How to Clean Your Cat’s Teeth: 7 Steps to Follow

i. Gather all the requirements before getting the cat

ii. Get the cat to a comfortable place. Such as on your lap or on a place that it enjoys to rest such as on its pillow. When comfortable it is more likely to settle down for the session.

iii. A cat may not be still if it is not acquainted with the taste of the toothpaste. For this reason, you should give it a taste of the toothpaste before the actual brushing.

iv. Expose the front part of the cat’s teeth by separating the jaws using your thumb, first and middle fingers.

v. Brush the exposed teeth the same way you brush your own, in circles and up-down movements.

vi. Once you are done with the front teeth, move on to the outer teeth and clean them the same way.

vii. Pay special attention to the upper molars and canines. They build up tartar more quickly.

Brush your cat’s teeth at least once a day. Other than toothpaste, there are other great products for a cat’s teeth. 

They include solutions, mouthwashes and diet for teeth. While cleaning teeth at home is important, it is also advisable to have your cat’s teeth cleaned by a professional once every year.

Improperly cleaned or completely ignored cat teeth may lead to gingivitis and gum diseases. Yes, cats suffer from those too. 

Such feline diseases may lead to more serious conditions such as bad digestion and organ failure. 

Cleaning a cat’s teeth is therefore not just about eradicating mouth odour. It is a matter of good health and improved quality of life. 

Every cat owner should acquire the skills necessary to properly clean their cat’s teeth and keep their feline friends clean and healthy just like they would do for themselves.


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