Do Alpacas Spit

Do Alpacas Spit?

Do you know if Alpacas Spit? Whenever I get into a conversation with someone about Alpacas, one of the questions I expect them to ask is whether Alpacas spit on people. 

The short and partial answer is that YES Alpacas do spit but then continue reading to find out more. There is more to the Alpaca’s spit that meets the eye.

Do Alpacas Spit

Why Alpacas Spit?

Alpacas spit for various reasons. Because the reasons for spitting are different, there are different “types†of alpaca spits. 

There is the little spit and the big spit. The reason why an alpaca would be spitting determines whether the spit will be big or little. 

Here are some of the reasons why alpacas spit.

When Feeding

Alpacas will spit during feeding time. This is usually directed at competitors; to keep the competitor away from food. 

This is usually a small spit and is done by both male and female alpacas. The little spit is something akin to shoving. 

Something that says; “get out of my wayâ€.

Asserting Dominance

Macho alpaca male usually spits on younger males just to remind them who is the boss. It is a way of establishing dominance. 

This is usually done when there are females around and mostly when it is mating season.

Lack of Interest

A female would spit on a male to show him that she is not interested in her. 

It is somewhat rude as would be if a woman would spit on a guy. This is usually a little spit.

When Threatened

Alpacas also use their spittle as a defence mechanism. In this case, the spittle will quickly move from a little spit to a big spit depending on how the threat responds. 

When threatened, the alpaca will spit lightly to warn the other party that they are overstepping. If the warning is not heeded; the big spit will be used. 

The big spit involves an alpaca regurgitating its stomach contents and spitting them out on the treat. 

Alpacas will not do this very often since this arsenal doesn’t leave a pleasant taste in their mouth.

Do Alpacas Give a Hint They Are Going to Spit?

An alpaca will always give a hint before spitting. If the hint is not followed then the arsenal will be unleashed. 

The hint involves the animal raising the chin and flattening the ears back. Some air and saliva will then be blown out in the form of a little spit. 

If the other party is adamant, the alpaca will regurgitate the food and shoot with force from the mouth. 

The big spit can go up to 10 meters away. After the big spit, the alpaca will sit there with an open mouth and ears at half-mast. 

The alpaca may walk around to find a tasty leaf to get the taste out of their mouth.

Do They Spit on People?

Most Alpacas will not spit on people. However, if the animal is staring at you with a raised chin and ears pinned backwards, you better avoid looking at them and acting like a threat. 

This way, you will avoid being a target.


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