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Do you know How to Train Your Russian Blue Cat? Read More on the Blog to find out about Russian Blue Cat Basics and How to Train Your Russian Blue Cat.

How to Train Your Russian Blue Cat

How to Train a Russian Blue Cat

To train your Russian blue cat to touch your hand, make a clicking sound and give your kitty a treat once your cat touches your hand with the nose. 

Once your cat gets the hang of touching your hand with her nose, move your hand away from you to get your cat to come over to you.

To train your Russian blue cat to do a “high five”, all you have to do is hold your hand with a treat above your cat’s head. Reward your cat with a click and a treat.

When your cat jumps on the chair to get the treat, click and reward your cat to reinforce the behavior daily.

How to Teach Russian Blue to Fetch

Pick a small, confined area to start with. When your Russian blue cat does what you want it to do, offer a treat as a reward and fuss over them.

Toss your cat’s toy and say “fetch.†When your Russian blue cat brings the toy back, say “good fetch†out loud and give your kitten a treat to reinforce the desired behavior in your cat with words.

If your Russian blue cat gets the toy but won’t drop it, show your cat a treat, to get your cat to drop the toy to get the treat. 

When your cat drops the toy, give your cat the treat, say “Good fetch,†and grab the toy with your other hand.

It’s important not to leave the fetch object laying around the house so it doesn’t lose its value to your cat.

Put your cat in the middle, and then toss the toy over your cat’s head. Build on little steps of success. When that happens, end the session.

How to Teach a Cat to Play Dead

To teach your Russian blue cat to play dead, call your cat’s name. Grab your cat’s favorite treats and urge your cat to come to you. 

Place a treat where your cat can enjoy it. Give this treat and pet your cat when it arrives, calling your cat’s name and using soothing tones. 

Place one hand gently on your cat’s back and, with your other hand point at its head and say “Play dead” as you gently press down on your cat’s back until it reclines or stretches on the floor. 

Release your cat, offer praise and offer a treat. Repeat the process until you no longer need to place your hand on your cat’s back for it to obey your command when you say “Play dead.”


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